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Feel Good Guide

9 Adventurous

Tropical Snow – Sativa – THC: 20.55% – THCA: 23.02%
Hybrid cross between Snowball and Tropicanna. Sweet smell and fruity taste. Sativa effects make for an uplifting high to get rid of a depressed state.

Tardis…Sativa – THC: 19.90% – THCA: 22.34%
Gives cerebral effects. Great for fatigues and headaches. 

Bipolar Jackie – Sativa – THC: 18.23% – THCA: 20.41%
This strain is high potency and has a full terpene profile which is perfect for relaxation.

Big D Energy – Sativa – THC: 17.86% – THCA: 19.39%
It produces large and rocky buds offering an aroma that blends citric, berry, pastry and floral notes on a petrol base.

Key Lime – Hybrid – THC: 16.48% – THCA: 17.58%
Mellow and relaxing but allows you to maintain an alert mind. Sweet lime candy and earthy smells and tastes.

Tropicana – Hybrid – THC: 25.44% – THCA: 28.67%
Rare sativa dominant hybrid strain with a bright, clear-headed high and an eye-opening flavor. This bud is often chosen to treat conditions such as chronic stress or anxiety, depression, mood swings, and hypertension.

10 Relaxation

Hash Plant.. – Indica – THC: 20.01% – THCA: 21.35%
Relieves stress and uplifts your mood. Good for pain and inflammation.

Mandarin Sunset – Indica – THC: 18.23% – THCA: 20.42%
An indica with a rich, skunky, orange flavor profile.

Peyote Critical – Indica – THC: 16.08% – THCA: 17.10%
This powerful indica makes for a heavy and euphoric body high. Great for sleeping, stomach pains, and aches.

French Macaroon – Hybrid – THC: 19.60% – THCA: 21.52%
A moderate to high THC indica dominant strain that produces vibrant purple buds.

Grape Pie – Hybrid – THC: 16.15% – THCA: 17.72%
Gives off a high that may initially bring you up with euphoria before landing you down on the couch.

11 Going Out

Nunya – Sativa – THC: 28.57% – THCA: 32.01%
It is a very strong sativa that is rumored to give the user a huge energy boost. This is a strain that will help the user focus as well as stay energized and alert.

Snowball – Sativa – THC: 25.79% – THCA: 28.67%
Snowball holds a gassy, creamy, and earthy terpene profile that will entice any OG lover.

Seats Taken – Sativa – THC: 25.50% – THCA: 28.16%
Its indica effects nicely balance out the sativa. Has a sweet fruit punch aroma. 

Wonder Woman – Sativa – THC: 16.92% – THCA: 18.79%
Known for sparkling creativity and gives a pleasant euphoric feeling. Good for treating stress, insomnia, pain, anxiety, and nausea

Franco’s Lemon Cheese – Sativa – THC: 19.54% – THCA: 21.46%
Great in social situations and as an appetite stimulator.

Banana Mango – Hybrid – THC: 22.06% – THCA: 24.57%
Tastes of bananas and mangoes with a hint of terpinolene. May leave you on a tropical beach soaking up the sun for longer than usual.

Golden Kat – Hybrid – THC: 23.28% – THCA: 25.62%
Good for socializing and being creative.

12 Bed Time

Wappa – Indica – THC: 25.73% – THCA: 28.42%
Happy, uplifting, and relaxing. Known to increase appetite.

Novocaine – Indica – THC: 23.44% – THCA: 26.07%
Sweet, minty flavor with citrus aromas. Gives happy, relaxed, and euphoric effects. Helps with stress, pain, and inflammation. Great for sleep

Orange Kush Cake – Indica – THC: 19.48% – THCA: 21.32%
Heavy and hard-hitting but no couch lock. Great for night time. Physically and mentally euphoric and relaxing.

Royal Critical – Hybrid – THC: 22.57% – THCA: 25.02%
Makes for a great evening smoke and comfortable body high. Helps with stomach aches and sleep.

Crescendo – Hybrid – THC: 21.48% – THCA: 24.13%
Buds are large in size and mostly green with purple accents. Happy and euphoric effects.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake – Hybrid – THC: 20.66% – THCA: 23.02%
The sativa effects may be strong but the indica balances their energetic effect. Said to lift spirits.



Indica strains are known for their “body high”, easing the pain from chronic conditions, and producing a deep feeling of relaxation.

They are also known to stimulate the appetite and reduce nausea.

Indica plants can be recognized by their short, rounded leaves and reduced maturation times.

These strains leave the user feeling relaxed and contented – we recommend smoking Indica before bedtime, or on the back porch after thunderstorm.

Sativa strains are known for their “head high” -these strains stimulate the imagination, energize the spirit, and increase productivity.

They are also known to help reduce anxiety.

Sativa plants can be recognized by their long, thin leaves and extended maturation times.

Sativa strains heighten energy levels – so we recommend smoking them as a wonderful way to kick-start the day, or in the mid-afternoon for a burst of motivation!

Hybrid strains draw their effects from both Sativa and Indica strains. They can be invigorating, sedating, or anything in between!

It all depends on the strain’s lineage.

Since Hybrids can vary so much, we recommend trying a variety and seeing what works best for you!

Our knowledgeable staff members are happy to give suggestions and recommendations – so ask away!


Cannabis Extracts

Shatter, crumble, wax, and oil – these are just a few forms of cannabis extracts!

Cannabis extracts are derived from the natural oils and chemicals in cannabis plants. Extracts are unlike flower in that they can provide all the standard effects of cannabis – but at a much higher octane.



Oil cartridges are one of the most convenient forms of cannabis consumption.

Cartridges are filled with thick, viscous oil extracted from cannabis plants. They can be used anywhere – and don’t require a lighter, an ashtray, or anything to get rid of the smell!

Oil cartridges are great for portability and convenience. Like other cannabis extractions, oil cartridges have more powerful effects than flower alone.

We recommend experimenting with what works best for you!

13 Pre-Rolls Croped


Pre-rolls are cannabis joints that have been prepared in advance.

Pre-rolls are extremely convenient – they can be bought individually or in packs of three, they are packaged for portability, and are rolled with high quality papers. Pre-rolls come rolled with crutches inside to maintain the structure and usability of the joint.

We offer only the finest in premium hand-rolled pre-rolls!



Edibles are food-based products that are infused with cannabis. These infusions are generally made with butter or oil – which is then used to make the edible.

Edibles have infinite variety! They are commonly made as baked goods – like the infamous “magic brownie”. Edibles can also take the form of other pastries, beverages, or any kind of candy you can imagine!

A note to our customers: first-time users of edibles should be careful. The active elements in edibles are processed by the body differently than when smoked, and an edible once-consumed cannot be taken back.

Start small and work yourself up!